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Made in America and Shipping to US & Canada
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About Galleria Fresco

Galleria Fresco food still life oil paintings for your kitchen art wall

We all have to think about food at least once a day
Some of us think about it a lot more

“What’s for dinner?” - It's a universal daily question that connects us to our family, to each other, to our ancestors and back to the earth.

The still life oil paintings at Galleria Fresco capture the beauty in everyday fresh food and illuminate those daily moments that often pass unnoticed in our busy lives. They serve as a reminder of where we have come from and the concerns we all share.

Like Grandma’s recipes, these art prints will recall delicious times spent feasting with family, and help to create fresh memories with your new sprouts just learning to help in the kitchen.


Zesty, lustrous paintings to refresh your home & spirit

Galleria Fresco

Add a playful pop of color to refresh your kitchen art wall and encourage you and your kids to reach for a better snack.

Energize your office with a mouthwatering art print; a fun, colorful reminder to skip the vending machine and eat fresh at lunch.

Recreate that café art gallery feel at home and skip the line!

Indulge yourself in a color feast for the eyes and bask in peaceful sunlit warmth. Relax; breathe; and savor the moment.

Enrich your dining room art wall and show off your quirky side with fun art prints that are traditional with a twist.

Add a cheeky touch to your home décor that is sure to be a great conversation starter!

Brighten someone’s day with an elegant Hostess Gift of sophisticated Christmas Décor, which will prove just as refreshing when the summer heat rolls around.

Galleria Fresco | fresh fun food art for your kitchen art wall