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Made in America and Shipping to US & Canada
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About Jo Bradney

Jo Bradney still life food artist for Galleria Fresco

The first time the pleasure of painting spilled out of the studio into my real life was when I noticed the light shining through a red onion skin glowing like stained glass. It was then I realized that, beyond the immediate pleasure of pushing paint around a canvas, I had been practicing a more sustaining joy of appreciating what is under my nose every day. 

Chopping an onion has never been the same since.

I selfishly pursue those moments of joy; the small pockets of serenity that illuminate my daily routine, when an accidental juxtaposition of colors and shapes suddenly snaps me awake from the daily grind. I am hungry to find the next surprising nuance of color; compelling texture or arrangement of shapes – a new delight to light up tomorrow.

fresh from my easel to your walls

These food still life oil paintings are the result of my selfish quest. They share the light-filled, intimate moments that light up my day and create a personal window of peace and tranquility to light yours. These are things you have seen a thousand times before, while cleaning the kitchen, preparing dinner or taking out the trash, but these small still life oil paintings illuminate what has become familiar and commonplace.

Chopping an onion will never be the same again.


fresh from my easel to your walls, paint in the studio of Jo Bradney